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Jaguar Head Rope
Jaguar Head Rope

Jaguar Head Rope

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Aramid Core Technology

4-Strand with a Core, Super Fast Action, Smaller Diameter

More tip weight with superior balance

The Most Durable Ropes on the Market

Great in all weather. Proven Winner at all levels!


Color:  Neon Green

Material:  Blend of 3 Unique Materials

Core:  Yes, Constructed of Aramid (Kevlar)

Head Length:  31'

Diameter:  Small Diameter, Scant 3/8“

Head Lays: XXS, XS, S  Available in head ropes only at this time


What is Aramid Technology?

Today's bulletproof vests and protective tactical gear is made of Aramid fibers. Aramid has properties of high strength and tenacity with less elongation than traditional rope cores. By reducing over-stretching, this translates to longer lasting ropes. This core is 5X stronger than traditional cores and Patriot Ropes is the 1st with this technology.

Catch more Cattle

Features our specially designed nylon thread that will not "fuzz" as quickly for added durability, faster action on the loop, and a better feel in your hand. Try Patriot Ropes and see the difference!